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Hello world! I'm a full stack developer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. My personal interests lie within front end development and watching Ghost Adventures.

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My foundation consists of the MERN stack and my current goal as a jr developer is to expand upon my Javascript foundation while adding to a team that values collaboration as much as independence. I completed a year long internship last year which focused on front end development, primarily with Wordpress and PHP but I am ready and determined to get back to my foundations and pursue a Javascript focused career path.

Professional ContributionsRepcap.com During this project I was responsible for developing the forms, including mockups and asnycronous backend restful API interactions, as well as the navigation menu, and the scrolling logo banner on the homepage. This site is a headless Wordpress CMS build with NextJS as the frontend framework. Many animations and interactions are built using GSAP. ManagingEditor.com For this project I was responsible for the homepage as well as the search bar within the navigation menu and the associated search results page, the podcast page, and a newsletter form and a question submission form, both included backend restful API interactions as well. This was built using Elementor and required us dropping in to PHP files to create customized Wordpress blocks and components.
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